New & Back In-stock Varieties, Website Improvements and a Customer Rewards Program.

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Hi everybody! I have some exciting news about New Varieties, Website Improvements and a Customer Rewards Program. As some of you may know, I have been implementing a customer rewards program for Greenscape Gardens. Though the program is not yet finished, I am pleased to announce that I have implemented the “Customer Referral” portion of the program. Customers will now be able to share links to their favorite plants on social media and by email, to receive a percentage of any purchase made through their shared link. It’s a great way to share your passion with your friends and end up with a few FREE fruit trees too! A referral code is only available to Customers and will be visible on your “My Account” page and under the “Your Referral Code” tab on each product page, after you have made a purchase. If you have made a purchase in person and wish to have a referral code generated for you, please contact us for help.

Also new, is the announcement of a customer requests form. Soon to be available from the “My Account” page, a tiny contact form will allow customers to submit varieties that they would like to see available. This will not be a dropdown styled menu (preselected options), but rather a form where customers will be able to submit wish lists (so you can tell us about some crazy fruit we’ve never heard of before) that will be visible only to Greenscape Gardens. We hope this will enable us to better fulfil the tropical fruit dreams of our customers 🙂

We are also pleased to announce the ability to place pre-orders on the website. Now you can prepare in the fall for what you want to get in the spring by reserving your rare and/or limited availability fruit. Shipping costs will be calculated a week prior to the day the pre-orders will be shipped, so adding to your order is as simple as a click of a button.

We also have some new varieties to announce (I know you have all been waiting patiently) as well as some old favorites varieties back in stock. We are happy to say that we now have the following for sale:
Fukumoto Navel Orange
Olinda Valencia Orange
Calamondin Orange
Thornless Mexican Lime
Mexican Lime
Persian Lime
Moro Blood Orange
Australian Fingerlime
Allen Eureka Lemon
Seedless Kishu Mandarin
Seedless Lemon
8A Lisbon Lemon
Eustis Limequat
Dancy Mandarin
Daisy Mandarin
Fukushu Kumquat

We are pleased to announce that also available for preorder are Dragon Fruit. Available both as individual named varieties or as an eleven var. collection. Single varieties are: American Beauty, Cosmic Charlie, Dark Star, David Bowie, Giant Vietnam, Halleys Comet, Makisupa, Natural Mystic, Physical Graffiti, Purple Haze, Yellow and Zamorano. The Dragon Fruit Collection includes all of our favorite varieties and at a massive discount.

You don’t want to miss out on this awesome chance to become a dragon fruit connoisseur overnight! Visit our Shop for more variety information and pictures of Dragon Fruit. Our pre-order discounts are just that, for pre-orders only. Don’t miss out on this deal just because you’re a slowpoke 😉

You can also expect the release of a Dragon Fruit Care Guide in the care guide section on the shop 🙂


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