August is barely over, but is it already time to move your citrus trees inside?

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Even though it’s only just the end of August, it may be time to start moving your plants in. In Toronto here, we have now had several days below 12c and that is generally when I like to start bringing in my citrus. Many varieties can still be outside at this time and can survive temperatures much lower than 12c, however moving your trees into an environment with a constant temperature, higher than the previous average temperature will cause them stress. I like to bring in my trees when the outside temperature is close to the temperature of the house. This is generally mid morning or mid afternoon. Here are a few things I also like to do before I bring my plants inside:

-Make sure that you give your tree’s soil a good flush by running water through the soil for a couple of minutes. This will prevent the build up of mineral salts in your trees soil.

-Check for bugs! Checking for insects is very important. Preventative measures are the best way to deal with insects. I like to spray my trees with insecticidal soap for a period of several weeks after they have been brought inside to prevent any bug problems, but there are other treatments you may also consider.

-Fertilize. I like to give my trees one last dose of fertilizer at full strength before I bring them inside. I do this after they have been flushed. I then top-dress the soil with worm castings and sea compost, so that when I water throughout the winter, the tree will continue to receive the nutrients they need.

Be sure to check out our Free Citrus Care Guide and if you have anything else you do before you bring your trees in, be sure to let us know in the comments 🙂

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