What does grafted mean and why are your citrus grafted?

Grafted means that wood has been taken from a tree that is already producing fruit and has been inserted under the bark of a younger tree. This is done to produce a tree that is immediately capable of producing high quality fruit.

What is rootstock and why do you graft to it?

Rootstock is a term used to describe the stem and root system of a plant, that another variety of plant is grafted to. This practice is used to increase cold tolerance, disease resistance, fruit production, fruit quality and to regulate the size of a mature tree.

When will I see fruit from my citrus trees?
Due to the grafted nature of these trees, they are capable of producing fruit immediately. We recommend that you allow your tree’s root system to fill a 2-3 gallon pot for small fruited varieties and a 3-5 gallon pot for large fruited varieties before you allow any fruit to mature. You should be able to accomplish this in one season or can supplement fertilizer for more immediate results.

 How old are the citrus trees?
The trees for sale are second year, grafted trees or older.

How big can I expect my citrus trees to be?
The height of our average citrus tree is approximately 18 inches tall. The height of your tree will depend on the variety and time of year. Email us for a current measurement of the varieties you are interested in.

When will you ship my trees?
We ship our trees on Mondays to ensure that you receive them the same week. To do this, we require that you place your order by the previous Friday. This is to ensure that your trees have been properly watered and had time to drain.

i.e. If your order is to be shipped on Monday the 10th, then your order must be placed by end of day Friday the 7th

Do you provide care instructions?
Everything you need to know about caring for your fruit tree is in our free eBook! Please register for it here.

We want you to get the most from your trees, and are glad to provide you with information to help you on your way. Once registered, you will be able to download a copy of the free eBook in our shop.

What do I need to do when I receive my trees?
1. Open the package as soon as possible and check the moisture in the soil.

  1. Place your tree in a well lit area and provide air circulation while maintaining moisture.
  2. Repot your tree into a larger container after 8 weeks.

Transplant fertilizer isn’t necessary, but will improve your trees health when you repot.

 What is your replacement policy?
Returns/replacements are possible when trees are damaged in shipping or arrive in poor condition. Please note that deliveries are insured by the carrier, so pictures of any damage done to the plants and/or parcel is required for a replacement or refund. We guarantee that our trees will be healthy and free of disease when we send them, however it is up to you to provide an adequate growing environment for success thereafter (we would of course, be happy to answer your questions).

 Do you offer gift wrapping?
We offer gift wrapping for local deliveries only. If you would like gift wrapping, please contact us; we would be glad to help. If you are interested in a corporate gift program please contact us here.

 Can I request a specific shipping date?
You are able to request a specific shipping date though we are not able to guarantee that any order will be shipped on or arrive on a specific date. We will certainly do our best to accommodate you.

 It’s cold out; can you still ship my trees?
During winter months we ship at our discretion. We may charge an additional fee to include a heat pad and or foam insulation to your package to protect your trees. If you ask us to ship regardless of inclement weather, you will assume responsibility for your trees safe arrival.

If we have not answered your question here, please contact us.