Coco Fiber – Compressed 4.5Kg Bail


Coco Fiber – Coconut Coir – 4.5Kg Compressed Bail – An excellent hydroponic medium and perfect for adding aeration to your soil.

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Coco fiber or coconut coir is a product derived from the processing of coconut husk. The fiber collected from this process is excellent for amending heavy soils and is used by Greenscape Gardens in our soil mixture. We recommend that you soak and then wash your coco fiber in rain water or RO water, tap water will be sufficient but rain water and RO water will positively adjust the medium’s PH. The rinsing process is important because salts can occasionally be found in the medium (due to the original washing process generally being done with ocean water) and the soaking/rinsing process should remove them.

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Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 28 × 16 × 28 cm

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